Client: SNET Consulting LLC

SNET Consulting is an American consulting firm that has been operating for almost 2 years. Throughout that time, the company has transformed and impacted several businesses -through recruitment, business development, marketing strategy and planning.
As a business, SNET Consulting focuses on banking & finance, healthcare, sales & marketing, manufacturing & logistics, IT consulting, and travel & hospitality, delivering tailor-made solutions to help businesses address challenges they face.
To offer more value to its clients, SNET Consulting needed an e-learning platform that would allow its clients’ employees to learn new skills they need to perform better at their jobs.
Our team looked into their needs and after a series of meetings, we built, a Udemy-like e-learning platform where instructors can publish courses and anyone with a computer or smartphone can buy and take the course from anywhere in the world.
For the base framework, we used Laravel that offers backend caching capabilities to make the platform load faster and improve the website’s performance. Using the Flutter framework allowed us to build beautiful, natively -compiled interfaces for both the Android and iOS apps.
Apart from allowing instructors to accompany their courses with live video-based sessions, these frameworks also allowed us to build an admin dashboard right into the platform, which allows admins to vet and approve courses before they are listed.
Today, Techskilz is helping hundreds of instructors, to create and launch their courses online, and learners to learn a plethora of skills from anywhere in the world.