Client: Women Peace Initiatives

Women Peace Initiatives is a women-led NGO that works to ensure that women are well represented at all levels of peace-building processes. Based in Douala, Cameroon, the organization believes that sustainable peace can only be achieved if women’s human rights are not only promoted but respected as well.
Having advocated for women’s rights and successfully organizing several marriages in the last 14 years, Women Peace Initiatives realized that information relating to the marriage and birth certificate issuance process wasn’t readily available to the general public. It, therefore, needed a way to make this information available.
A team from the Women Peace Initiatives organization visited our main office in Molyko, Buea, to inquire whether we could help them make this information accessible to a wider audience. They needed a web and mobile application that would allow anyone in Douala and the Littoral region to easily find information relating to the process for issuance of birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates.
Because they needed the website up within the shortest time possible, we used the Laravel framework to cut down on development time and built a custom web application. We subsequently built a native Android application using Java to make it compatible with most smartphones on the market. We worked with them for 3 months through back-and-forth meetings, milestones, and scrum sprints to deliver
Via the web and mobile app, Sensi People helps hundreds of people to find centers that issue birth and marriage certificates around Douala on a map along with contact details, requirements, and legalities.