Our Team

Our Team

Per the unwritten IT law, the quality of the product is only as good as the team that produced it. Thus, the capital asset of AfroVisioN Group is a team of united, like-minded, highly talented, and skilled professionals.

We have grown from a single developer/ founder to a team of 10 persons who are certified, highly skilled and celebrated in IT, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Engineering, Business and other related IT fields. Every member in our team is more than just a coder; we develop persons who work daily to become IT elites with comprehensive knowledge and experience in all the stages in software design, development, integration and maintenance process.

Our quality is sustained by a culture of growing our own people. This forces us to develop the young and talented in our community to join our team rather than us picking up people with cosmetic CVs from the wild. This helps us to build strong project teams of members who understand each other fortes and share the company’s values.

AfroVisioN Group is constantly in touch with Silicon Mountain’s universities and other African coder communities where we support and train bright minds who could become prospective hires.

Our teams are divided into functional groups depending on members’ experience and skills. The teams are formed on a components-and-roles basis, i.e., experts that belong to various function teams and a team leader are assigned to a certain project area. One team member can combine several roles if the scope of the component to be developed is relatively small. This principle of organizing project teams with the right experts enables the fastest development with the lowest number of bugs.

Meet our team

Mambe Churchill Nanje
Ayukoben Ayamba
Business Operations
Achille Dipita Toube
European Union Operations