Husl is an on-demand platform that helps users in the US to easily find and connect with professional service providers (hustlers) around them to assist with daily tasks (hustle) like laundry, lawn mowing, babysitting, etc, or running errands.

The platform was born out of the difficulties John Gwan – Husl’s founder – faced with hiring skilled professionals to assist with his daily tasks. Other US residents had similar experiences and were amazed at how hard it was to find service providers around them. John decided to do something about it.

Being a Cameroonian by birth, John looked back to Cameroon for a solution. He quickly ran a Google search to find a local, experienced web development agency to work with and AfroVisioN Group showed up among the search results. Apart from being a Silicon Mountain IT company, John was impressed with our many years of experience in working with clients including MTN Cameroon, the Adamawa State Government of Nigeria, Cameroon GCE Board, and more.

John immediately reached out to our business development expert for a briefing session where he requested that we build a website that would allow service providers to showcase their skills.

We combined Laravel with Vue.js, Bootstrap, and PHP to build a custom website hosted on with an intuitive user interface, allowing users to set up accounts on the platform. Using MySQL and WebSockets allowed us to reduce unnecessary network traffic on the site, thereby increasing the site’s loading speed.

Because we built dynamism into the website, service providers (hustlers) can upload their profiles to the platform which showcases their various skills and users can hire them based on a particular skill. Users can also post tasks on the platform and have hustlers apply to them.

Today, John Gwan, through Husl, has helped thousands of Americans like himself to find reliable taskers (hustlers) around them while providing service providers with a new income stream.