Granville Solar Recommendation tool

Granville Solar Recommendation tool :

Granville Energy is a solar-based energy tech company that leverages technology to design and implement advanced solar solutions for residential and commercial use. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, the company has a strong focus on decentralizing energy provision in a bid to facilitate widespread energy security in Africa.

To overcome the energy crisis sweeping across the African continent, Granville saw an opportunity in the sun to breathe new life into Africa. Its goal was to provide clean and sustainable power to the billions of Africans currently struggling with energy.

The team at Granville reached out to AfroVisioN Group for a possible partnership to achieve this goal. We hopped on a few Zoom calls with the company to brainstorm the best way to go about this and realized what Granville Energy needed was an online solar recommendation and ordering system for its clients.

Our development team immediately got to work and started collecting and organizing the requirements and features required in a backlog. After a series of planning, design, and development sprints, we used the Laravel PHP framework to reduce development time. In six weeks, we came up with, a Tesla Energy-like platform.

MySQL and our specialized expertise in the frontend JavaScript framework Vue.js, allowed us to build a dynamic website with an intuitive user interface so users could easily configure and order solar energy on the platform.

Today, Granville Energy’s clients use the solar recommendation tool to order solar energy installations for both residential and commercial properties, helping the company to generate more leads in South Africa.