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About AfroVisioN Group
Company Profile

AfroVisioN is a Cameroon based IT firm whose services are geared towards introducing Cameroonians and Africans on Information Technology and the Internet. Our success is mainly from the ease of use of our solutions.

Founded on the 1st of January 2006, AfroVisioN has as principal objectives to open up Africans and Cameroonians in particular to the vast advantages of Information Technology. With the ever changing global landscape and the continuous dependence of world systems on computer assistance, AfroVisioN makes it a point of duty to bring IT closer to the people as well as educate both the young and old on ways to harness this new tool with its affordable solutions.

AfroVisioN has a team of IT certified professionals committed to building sophisticated but affordable web and enterprise solutions and software systems as well as providing free online services (with our partners) like social networks and community platforms like : (offline: a website for GCE Advanced and Ordinary Level students) online community for University of buea students) and ( Social network for Cameroonians and Africans with alot of potentials) .
We have a great desire in educating the Cameroonian youths of today who are the future of our nation along side solving problems faced by cameroonian and African Institutions with professional and reliable IT solutions.

Our main business is to deliver affordable web and software development services and solutions to the Cameroonian and African markets.
We understand that our market and its people are not having huge financial backings, but they need technology in order to make their business more profitable. So we at AfroVisioN Group invest into research and development to cut down cost of technology to serve the local markets.


As an instructor at the Trustech Institute of Technology Buea, Mambe Churchill Nanje realized there was more to computers and the internet than just typing of documents and writing of mails. The question he asked himself, was, how do we enable our juniors realize this early enough so that they would not face the same problems we faced back in our years of secondary and high school? With this in mind, he founded AfroVisioN with principal objectives to open up Africans and Cameroonians in particular to IT.

Since its foundation was laid on the 1st of January 2006, AfroVisioN has been committed to building affordable software solutions as well as providing free online services to the Cameroonian people


1) To increase the rate of computer literacy in Cameroon

AfroVisioN intends to accomplish this by educating young Cameroonians and students in particular to frequently use the computer and the internet. This has been the driving force behind AfroVisioN's, web communities.

2) To computerize and present small and medium size enterprises to the internet.

AfroVisioN does this by providing them with very affordable web sites and web solutions that bring them up to date with competitors the world over.

3) Improve the quality of service offered by business and institutions

We build software packages and solutions that automate business and administrative operations, hence facilitating the job of management and improving on the speed and accuracy of operations.


The People
Mambe Churchill Nanje
Founder, President, CEO
Churchill is a cameroonian software entrepreneur who started his career at the age 19 as instructor at the Trustech Institute of Technology. He later founded AfroVisioN at age 20 where he is a web developer by night and CEO by day. He spends most of his time working and doing some sort of computer related business. When he is not writing codes, doing business or working, he does some form of music business, he direct's music videos, swims at the beach or watch TV (MTV-BASE, Disney) or spends his time writing/reading articles in forums, blogs or chatting with friends on yahoo or skype.
more info visit or
Ayukoben Ayamba
Ayuk is a (Higher National Diploma)HND holder in Accountancy. He is young and very dynamic on new systems. He runs a personal blog and is active on facebook and twitter profile:
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