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Our Affordable Website Offers

Our fully featured web site design and development plans are designed to accomodate various types of websites- personal, wedding websites, small businesses, corporate portals or enterprise level websites. Our Basic package is fully featured, so it can give you a chance to get started with your website with minimal cost and as your business grows you then upgrade to other plans as you see fit. All our packages support editing of pages by the website administrator with an easy to use content management system that we developed inhouse 100% tailored towards the website packages we offer. In not more than 2 weeks of client engagement your website will be ready with a 100% unique design specific to your needs and if you dont know anything about web design, we are here to advice you on the best that fits into your line of business. we provide 10days free after launch support for your website but future support is paid for so we can keep our doors open to better serve you.

Below is a listing of our packages, their features and the price plans.

Packages, Features and Price Plans
Custom Interface Design YES YES YES YES
Content Management System YES (10pages max) YES (20pages Max) YES(40pages Max) YES(unlimited)
Optional Flash or Javascript Animation NO YES(Home page only) Yes(Home page) YES(home page)
Sub Page banners NO YES YES YES
Optional Photogallery YES YES YES YES
Contact Page and Form YES YES YES YES
News Management Module NO YES YES YES
Domain Name Hosting and Email Hosting YES YES YES YES
Services Management Module NO NO YES YES
Products Management Module NO NO YES YES
Portfolio Management Module NO NO YES YES
Custom Add ons over time YES YES YES YES
Setup Fees FREE FCFA 100,000 ($200) FCFA 150,000 ($300) FCFA 200,000 ($400)
Yearly Hosting Fee FCFA 50,000 ($100) FCFA 50,000 ($100) FCFA 50,000 ($100) FCFA 50,000 ($100)
Total: FCFA 50,000 ($100) FCFA 150,000 ($300) FCFA 200,000 ($400) FCFA 250,000 ($500)
Support and Maintenance per hour FCFA 5,000 ($10) FCFA 5,000 ($10) FCFA 5,000 ($10) FCFA 5,000 ($10)
Project Duration
Depending on client response - payment and provision of website content, projects generally last for at most 2 weeks.
Terms of Service
When a client pays for service they are accepting the following terms of service and AfroVisioN Group will always make it a point of duty they read and understand this carefully:


* Its always possible to upgrade from one package to another. upgrades or updates will incure some cost which will be charged per hour of work done.

* Any modifications out of our offer will be paid for.

* The yearly cost for hosting to be paid to AfroVisioN Group's account will be paid in due time. any loss of content due to no payments, AfroVisioN Group will not be held responsibly. but AfroVisioN Group will notify clients one month to the date of expiry.

* We are not in charge of your content. If you need us to do your content writing and copy writing, you pay us for the job.

* We are not in charge of your pictures, if you want us to do your professional pictures you pay for the job.

* AfroVisioN Group will work with one representative from your organization who will represent the organization while we develop the site.

* AfroVisioN group will provide clients with all the information to study how to use the content management system but any formal training will be paid for.

*For any additional page added to your site you pay a fee determined at the time of the change.

*We reserve the right to suspend your website incase of unpaid bills.

*AfroVisioN Group provides 10days free after website launch support and maintenance.

Payment Options
AfroVisioN expects the client to pay 50% before commencement of work, and the remaining 50% after completion and before the site is hosted and publish to the entire web. This means AfroVisioN expects the last payment before it can launch your website to the world, in case we host your website before the final payment and dont get paid 10days later, we reserve the right to put the site under construction till the final payment is made.
Please type your email address and proceed if you are interested
Or Call +237-33011349 and get started
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